Architectural Hardware History

Architectural Hardware Inc. of Virginia was founded in 1971. It has grown and prospered as a supplier of doors and hardware, both manufacturer-made and custom-made, and has reliably furnished quality products throughout the state of Virginia for 35 years. Ownership has passed from Frank to son, Steven, and in 2004 was purchased by Lavonne and Gerry French. The goal of Lavonne and Gerry was to take a good company and transform it into a great company, ensuring that quality products and quality service surpassed all competition. In a matter of four years they did just that. In 2008, Lavonne and Gerry sold 90% of the shares of Architectural Hardware to Rodney and Erin Hyatt. The transfer of stock allowed Rodney and Erin to devote 100% of their efforts to Architectural Hardware so that the continued focus would be on delivering service, expertise, knowledge, convenience, reliability, and integrity. The sell also allowed Lavonne and Gerry to return to their core business, Virginia Automatic Door.

Virginia Automatic Door Company was founded by Larry Lamanca in 1980. The company supplies, services, and installs door automation products.  In 1988, Gerry French assumed ownership, and has continued a tradition of providing a quality product and exceptional service.

Alliance of Virginia Automatic Door Company and Architectural Hardware

Lavonne and Gerry believe that bringing both businesses under one roof has created synergistic opportunities and a market niche that can not be matched by competition. The “merger” expands the company’s ability to supply our customers with a broader and more complete line of products and services. Contractors now have a single source for all their doors, hardware, automation, and toilet partitions and accessories, with installation available for all products.