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Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow Metal Doors & Frames

Architectural Hardware is a proud distributor of Steelcraft hollow metal doors and frames.  We carry a wide selection of Steelcraft ready for pickup and delivery. Together, with our custom fabricators, we can provide you solutions to your projects in a timely and efficient manner. 

Steelcraft L Series doors are designed to meet architectural requirements for full flush doors.  The L Series door combines the strength and dimensional stability of steel with the structural integrity of the honeycomb core.  The continuous bonding of core to metal provides an attractive, absolutely flat door, free of face welding marks.  Tests have proven the L Series door's high resistance to impact damage, low thermal conductivity and have validated the high STC ratings of this door. 


 Door Thickness   1 - 3/4"  (45 mm)
 Standard Heights  6/8" to 7"  (2032mm - 2134mm)
   7'2" to 7'10" (2184mm - 2388mm)
   8.0" to 10.0"  (2438mm - 3048mm)

Standard widths:  Increments of 2" (50 mm) from 1'6" (457 mm) to 4" (1219 mm)


L18 and L16 Series Honeycomb Doors (Heavy/Extra Heavy Duty Commercial & Institutional)
L20 Series Honeycomb Doors (Light Duty Commercial & Institutional)
L14 Series Honeycomb Doors (Maximum Duty Commercial & Institutional)
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